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Recognized Expat Verhuisservice

Are you moving? Then of course you need a moving company that specializes in moving to and from the Netherlands. Oomen Verhuizers is a recognized relocation company with a lot of experience in moving to and from the Netherlands. Our specialism lies in high quality and critical relocations, and relocations with storage. Because of our high quality and good service combined with a fair price, we are the fastest growing moving company in the Netherlands. In 2019 we even received a Gazelle Award from the Financieel Dagblad. Our success has not gone unnoticed, which is why our movers in Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Leiden, Haarlem and Utrecht are children at home. Do you also want to move relaxed and without stress? Then we will be happy to make you an offer from our relocation company.

Erkend Verhuisbedrijf

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Moving to and from the Netherlands

We will be happy to make you a suitable proposal for our services. As our moving company attaches great importance to good preparation and clear agreements, we will visit you without obligation. During this appraisal visit the following matters will be discussed:

  • Your wishes: the customer is our first priority. Because we draw up every quotation to measure, you can decide for yourself what you would like to have done, and what you would like to do yourself if necessary;
  • Your household effects: the moving consultant will make a precise inventory of your household effects, and will take a special look at vulnerable items and other high-risk items;
  • Your home: both the living situation of your old home and your new home are important to us. By taking a good look at your living situation, our moving company can prepare itself well by deploying extra tools for your move.

Moving things around is not an everyday occurrence. Let alone when it happens to another country. It is important, when you choose to let a relocation company do your moving, to choose a company you feel confident with. We will always visit you in person or have a Skype Call before we enter into a definitive cooperation. Just like the mover himself, we find it very important that there is a good click.

Carefree moving with our expat relocation service

At Oomen Verhuizers your move will be carried out carefree. We are affiliated with the Organization of Erkende Verhuizers. Because of this, your move is surrounded by the most guarantees. Your move is standard insured up to €100.000, but a higher coverage is of course possible. At Erkende Verhuizers you also have the guarantee that your relocation will always be carried out, even in case of calamities. Finally, each Erkende Verhuizers is a member of an independent disputes committee.

All these securities are nice to have, but of course it is better not to have to make use of them. That is why we carry out you with truly experienced professionals. They are supported by the latest relocation vans in the Netherlands and the best packing materials from our relocation company.

Moving company with storage

Do you need storage while moving? Then Oomen Verhuizers offers a solution. Our relocation company specializes in temporary storage of household effects. We have various relocation vans that are specially designed for the transport of moving containers and storage containers. We also have various very modern storage facilities.

Your household effects are stored heated and secured with us. Only authorised employees of our relocation company have access to the storage rooms of our relocation company. Our storage areas are conditioned and equipped with fire and burglar alarms.

Convinced van Oomen Verhuizers as your relocation company? Then please fill in the quotation form or contact us directly to find out more about our expat relocation service.